Sourcing For You

Sowena Property Ltd. sources high-performing property investment deals in all areas of the UK. 

We actively source in areas which provide the smartest returns for our investors at any given time.

Relationships are crucial to us and we pride ourselves on the extensive network of professionals we have built round the country. The time we invest in building these relationships means that we are always kept up to date with the hottest deals to suit your investment preferences and that we also get access to many off-market deals.

Our due diligence process is strict, and we will never pursue a deal if it does not meet our criteria:

Thorough research into the location for rental demand, rental income and competition – we have to be sure the property will let with minimal void periods and at a good rate of return.

In-depth study of comparable sales prices of properties in the same area – we need to be confident that the property is on the market at a realistic price, especially important when negotiating BMV deals.

Checking local rules and regulations when sourcing for HMO’s – these vary around the country and we make it our business to ensure we are fully aware of compliance requirements and licensing terms.